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      awyer Reni Tzanova based the Law firm in 1991 and in subsequent years of economic and social transformations the latter became one of the leading criminal law and civil law legal practices in Bulgaria. Quite often the firm and its highly qualified lawyers were involved in some of the most complex and socially significant litigations in the history of Bulgarian jurisprudence.

      In its long, almost 35 years of professional road lawyer Reni Tzanova has participated in symbolic litigations. She defended the accused Todor Zhivkov - the head of state of Bulgaria for 45 years, she participated in the litigation of the case "Andrei Lukanov - former Prime Minister of Bulgaria,
she conducted the desence of people like:
Ventsislav Varbanov - former Minister of Agriculture, the deputies to the National Assembly Julia Berberyan, George Ganchev and many other former and present Bulgarian politicians.

Since 1995, due to the increasing volume of legal work and the development of commercial and civil turnover in the Republic of Bulgaria, the Law firm expands its business in the commercial, banking and civil law, as clients of the firm became the leading credit and insurance institutions, foreign investors and large pharmaceutical and industrial companies. After the unexpected death of lawyer Reni Tzanova in February 2007, the firm was transformed into
"Galabova, Mihaylov and Associates" Law firm which is full and natural successor to the legal activity undertaken during Reni Tzanova's lifetime.

      Despite the loss of a publicly recognized and undisputed authority of the Bulgarian Bar, as was lawyer Reni Tzanova, a young and ambitious team of lawyers inherited her knowledge, adopted the principles and means of work imposed by her and continued to apply the honesty and dedication in their daily legal work with clients.

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